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A mental health update

It's been a while since I posted here. I had high expectations of writing more and publishing regular YouTube videos as discussed in my previous post. Then the "2nd wave" of COVID-19 in the UK happened...

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New YouTube Channel

After uploading the video of my Rust/Yocto Project demo from the Yocto Project Summit last month I received a lot of positive feedback. This got me thinking that there was scope to record some more demos and some more free-form hacking sessions and share these via my YouTube Channel. But why spend the time and effort to record, edit and publish these videos? I'll try to explain some of the motivation here.

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Demo: Using Rust with Yocto Project

I gave a presentation and demo on "Using Rust with Yocto Project" at the Yocto Project (Virtual) Summit Europe 2020 on 22nd October 2020. I introduced a couple of simple applications written in Rust and showed how to use the cargo-bitbake tool to automatically generate Yocto Project recipes for each project. I also discussed how the Cargo build tool and package manager interacts with the license compliance features provided by Yocto Project.

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Open Source License Compliance with Yocto Project

I presented this talk at Linaro Virtual Connect 2020. It's a follow up to my previous talk on the same subject at ELCE 2019 and I included additional material on license flags, SDKs, language package managers and SPDX document generation. Forthe discussion of language package managers, I used the Rust programming language and the associated Cargo build tool as an example.

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License Compliance in Embedded Linux with the Yocto Project (ELCE 2019)

I presented a talk on the topics of License Compliance and OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) 2019 in Lyon, France. I discussed a set of build system agnostic best practices for license compliance when working with Embedded Linux and then looked in detail at the license compliance tools provided by the Yocto Project. I highlighted ongoing and future work in these areas within Yocto Project. I finished up by briefly discussing the tools and benefits provided by other projects in this area.

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Goals and Rationale

This website may evolve in other directions in the future but these are the initial goals: to act as a landing page and to allow me to keep a professional blog.

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