Paul Barker

Professional Software Engineer, Embedded Linux expert & Open Source enthusiast.

Amateur wildlife photographer, rambler and craft beer/whisky appreciator.


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Using Rust with Yocto Project (external)

While at Konsulko I wrote Using Rust with Yocto, a blog post on the Rust programming language, its build system, and how it can be integrated into a Yocto Project based system.

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Goals and Rationale

This website may evolve in other directions in the future but these are the initial goals: to act as a landing page and to allow me to keep a professional blog.

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Conference Talk: Underwater Acoustics to Opkg, via The Yocto Project

This was my first conference talk, presented at FOSDEM 2014.

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Lobotomising an O2 Wireless Box IV

This is a resurrection of a post from my old personal website. The info here is long out of date, but I don't like information to die.

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