I presented a talk on the topics of License Compliance and OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) 2019 in Lyon, France. I discussed a set of build system agnostic best practices for license compliance when working with Embedded Linux and then looked in detail at the license compliance tools provided by the Yocto Project. I highlighted ongoing and future work in these areas within Yocto Project. I finished up by briefly discussing the tools and benefits provided by other projects in this area.


If you distribute a product which runs an Embedded, Linux-based software stack then you have obligations to fulfill under the GPL and other open source licenses. Thankfully, the Yocto Project provides tooling to help you achieve this.

Paul will present the current state of the license compliance tools in the Yocto Project and show how they are used. Paul will also discuss best practices, pitfalls to avoid, methods of integration with other license compliance software such as Fossology and where to get further information on these subjects. For those already familiar with these tools, this presentation will point out recent improvements and suggest areas for future development. A comparison with tools provided by other Embedded Linux build systems will also be given so that our projects can learn from each other. Focus will be given to how small teams can use these tools effectively, however the content will also be relevant to larger organisations. No legal advice will be given.