• I'm going to make more use of both of my twitter accounts this year. See this thread for a summary.
    • @pbarker_dev will mostly stay focused on tech, open source and tech policy issues.
    • @atonalnoise will be my outlet for music related spam and occasional thoughts on books & films.
  • I'm intending to post week notes like this each week, subject to my bandwidth, physical health and mental health. I'll be taking breaks as and when I want to and you should do the same. Be excellent to yourselves in 2022.

Open Source

  • Setting up a couple of new projects on GitHub as it's the most visible place to host open source projects. It's also much improved over the last couple of years with GitHub Actions, VS Code integration, Discussion, etc. Since hosting projects under an organisation gives more flexibility, most projects will live under a new Unnecessary Abstraction organisation.
  • Created initial skeleton of arcr project just before the new year. This will be a tool to help preserve archival data by storing checksums and/or signatures, supporting a regular scrub to ensure data has not been lost or corrupted and enabling archive exports (with optional encryption) for long term offline or off-site storage.
    • This will address my key concern with using traditional backup tools for archival data - if backups are kept for a finite length of time but archived data is only accessed very infrequently, data loss may occur and not be noticed until the good backups have expired and been deleted.
    • Other projects do exist for handling archival data but none of them have the simplicity or focus that I want. Hopefully this approach will be useful to other folks as well.
  • Moved mirrorshades over to GitHub and setup CI using GitHub Actions. Updated the readme & project config to reflect the new URLs and contribution methods. Fixed a couple of issues I found when using mirrorshades to backup data to a new disk array. Also made a couple of minor agent improvements and updated the changelog to prepare for a new release. Recent changes can be seen in pull request #1.
  • Videos of my talks at the Yocto Project Summit 2021.11 are now available on YouTube:


  • My first impressions of web3 by Moxie Marlinspike.
    • This post addresses a really clear issue with all the web3 hype: What is being touted as web3 isn't very decentralized and suffers from the same incentive issues we see in "web2". It's likely that web3 will tend towards the same sort of centralized mega-platforms we see already (e.g. Facebook, Google, Amazon) but with some climate-destroying and inequality-generating cryptocurrency dust sprinkled on top.
  • On Fire by Naomi Klein.
    • Subtitled "The Burning Case for a Green New Deal", this is a book of essays on climate change, climate justice and the prospective of a "Green New Deal"; written between 2010 and 2019.
    • I've read 7 of the essays in this book so far. I've also read most of Naomi Klein's previous books over the last 20 years, I'm familiar with her thinking and it has heavily influenced mine. I think this book is an excellent introduction to her work. The essay "Capitalism vs. the Climate" is an especially good place to start for someone unfamiliar with Naomi's outlook and really captures the changes we need to see in politics and economic thinking to tackle climate change.



  • Jenny of Oldstones by The Dark Side of the Moon. This has been stuck in my head for months and I doubt it'll be leaving any time soon.