New release: mirrorshades v0.2.0

I'm happy to announce that version 0.2.0 of mirrorshades, a tool for mirroring data from remote sources, has been released.

This release can be downloaded from PyPI or GitHub.

The following changes have been made since the previous release (v0.1.3):

  • Moved the project to GitHub, the new project URL is
  • Added GitHub mirroring support.
  • Pruned deleted branches when updating a mirrored git repository.
  • Added support for multiple attempts when running custom commands.
  • Added config validation using desert and marshmallow.
  • Updated and expanded README file.
  • Improved developer & contributor workflows with the addition of automatic linting & formatting. These checks are ran in GitHub Actions when contributing to the project via a pull request. They can also be ran locally using pre-commit.
  • Satisfied the REUSE Specification to ensure licensing is clear.

See the full comparison between v0.1.3 and v0.2.0 for more details.

Thanks for reading!

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