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About Paul

Professional Software Engineer, Embedded Linux expert & Open Source enthusiast

Amateur wildlife photographer, rambler and craft beer/whisky appreciator



Content Licensing

For my photography and writing I'm now using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. I'll continue to release software under open source licenses.

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Rebooting meta-linux-mainline

meta-linux-mainline is a Yocto Project layer I created in May 2020 when I needed to test a few hardware boards with unpatched, upstream kernel sources. The project has undergone a few changes recently so now is a good time to give an updated overview of how the layer works and when you might want to use it.

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A mental health update

It's been a while since I posted here. I had high expectations of writing more and publishing regular YouTube videos. Then the "2nd wave" of COVID-19 in the UK happened...

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Goals and Rationale

This website may evolve in other directions in the future but these are the initial goals: to act as a landing page and to allow me to keep a professional blog.

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